FieldHouse tries its hand at the “Beautiful Game”


Selhurst Park, home of Crystal Palace FC, played host to the 2023 GP Bullhound Allstars charity tournament, which saw FieldHouse field an inexperienced but enthusiastic squad ready to take on some of the tech ecosystem’s brightest luminaries.

Peter Evans
Head of Media Strategy

An opening game against Balderton Capital might have ended in a 2-0 defeat, but the team’s potential was clear for all to see. Captain Fantastic Joe Doyle played some great football in between eye rolls at the referee, while left winger Lulu Carter took on all comers. Debutant Reggie Okehie brought immediate results on his first day at FieldHouse, a performance he is sure to repeat across all his accounts. 

Team FieldHouse delivered on its promise in spectacular fashion in game two, with a gritty 1-0 win against Kreos Capital, the giant debt provider that has committed in excess of €5.7bn to high-growth companies across Europe and Israel. Against such might, plucky FieldHouse went ahead through a stunner from Doyle before defending for their lives, with rock-at-the-back Ian Wallis and redoubtable goalkeeper Jack Kane putting in stunning performances. 

The remaining group games against Calibre One and Connect4Causes didn’t quite go to plan, but the performances of Ellie Munford and Bella Cutler are likely to have caught the attention of the watching Premier League scouts, while John Nikodin has promised to introduce “football” to his native USA next time he goes home. 

It was a fantastic day in the sun for FieldHouse and the other 14 teams who took part – and of course, all for a great cause in Working Options, the charity on a mission to give every young person a chance to flourish.