Why we launched a PR-by-subscription service for startups


Launched this year, FieldHouse BaseCamp is the low-cost, flexible alternative to full-service PR. But why did we feel it was time for something new? Ian Wallis explains

Ian Wallis
Head of FieldHouse BaseCamp

In May, FieldHouse Associates was named the fastest-growing UK tech PR agency in the PRovoke Fast Movers 2020 index. We built our reputation serving the brightest investment firms and the fast-growth technology companies they help fund.

But too often, the earliest stage startups can’t afford the PR they really need to get the first momentum behind the business – the kind that…

  • Attracts investors and helps secure the next funding round
  • Generates industry renown that makes talent want to join them
  • Makes a corporate brand spot their partnership potential
  • Builds sales momentum to drive revenue and bottom line growth
  • Or puts their name on the lips of influencers in the tech community

Great PR costs money. Why? Because to achieve genuine impact – like the five growth objectives listed above – requires expertise. People who understand the media landscape, can generate opportunities for coverage through their network of contacts, and truly ‘get’ the needs of tech businesses. 

And without a good degree of resource, there’s only so much a startup can accomplish. The value of an agency is in the access to a team whose combined expertise unlocks doors that are closed to those out of the ‘know’. More brain power and knowledge = better service. The problem is, an agency that assembles a talented team of PR professionals has to spend to sustain those levels, which is expensive.

Clients with sufficient budget recognise the value and flexibility of outsourcing to experts and will pay monthly retainers to have a dedicated team on their side. 

But some startups, even if they wanted to, wouldn’t be able to afford a full-service PR. They might share the conviction of their larger peers that it’s worth the cash, but realistically – if pre-Series A – their money would be better employed elsewhere in those formative stages.

One result of this is that a new business, which quite possibly has a better product than its larger competitor, remains all but invisible to the media – and therefore potential customers.

Why shouldn’t that startup get the chance to pitch themselves into that conversation? Or put themselves up for the same award? It doesn’t seem fair, does it.  

And that seemed a problem worth solving.

That’s why we launched FieldHouse BaseCamp. 

Tipping the balance for startups

When you’re running a business, having a PR agency on your side tips the balance strongly in your favour. We hear about media opportunities that could never be found by a startup. We have direct relationships with journalists. We track a multitude of events and awards. We seek out chances to provide commentary on a breaking story. 

While BaseCamp can’t provide a full PR team and implementation for a fraction of the price, we can be startups’ ears to the ground, carefully gathering and sharing valuable intel. It’s a start – and early stage companies need that support. If you really want to start to build a media profile – but without the expense – you’ll be prepared to take on some of the work yourself. Won’t you?

FieldHouse BaseCamp is for proactive startup teams who recognise they need someone to find the right doors for them to open. And once those doors are ajar they can confidently stride over the threshold and leave a lasting impression.

Each month, for just £500, startups receive a variety of opportunities – many of the ones the team at FieldHouse will act on for full-service clients. The difference is BaseCamp members contact the journalists directly or fill out their own entry for an awards scheme. We keep it simple and focused. 

Subscribers receive BaseCamp notifications by email. And we curate the service to ensure startups in a specific sub-sector of tech – such as fintech, cybertech, proptech – can build reputation in their market as well as receiving all of the opportunities for fast-growth tech companies too.

Ultimately, there has been a need for an affordable and flexible PR service for tech startups. And BaseCamp delivers.

For more information and to receive a special, limited time offer, contact basecamp@fieldhouseassociates.com