From Russia with curiosity: starting out in startup PR


I was wondering whether to go for my second run of the day when I received an invitation to interview for the JAE position at FieldHouse. It was January 2021, we were in Lockdown 3.0 and going through one of the gloomiest and most de-motivating times in the country’s recent history. I immediately responded to the email and started prepping for the interview. Needless to say, my running shoes were parked for the day.

Andrea Gutierrez Cristobal
Junior Account Executive

I got a strong sense of FieldHouse’s welcoming and collaborative culture from the very beginning of the recruitment process. Interviews are always daunting and stressful, but I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the meetings with Iain, Cordelia, Aidan, Anna, and Nicky. I left the interview process with not only a bunch of great book recommendations but also a solid conviction that FieldHouse would be a fantastic place to work.


How did I get here? After graduating with a BA in French and Russian, I left my native Spain and spent several years travelling, working, and studying around Russia, Azerbaijan, and Central Asia. The accumulated stories were by far the best part of this adventure. Culture, history, and innovation are all driven by people with their own particular backgrounds, and I have always been curious about what makes people who they are.


I moved to the UK to study EU Politics at the London School of Economics, following which I got a job as a business intelligence analyst, conducting corporate investigations into subjects from Russian- and Spanish-speaking countries. I spent my days reading and learning about new sectors, carrying out key due diligence for our clients.


Joining the FieldHouse team is the perfect opportunity for me to combine all my interests: communication, current affairs, writing, and lifelong learning. As a newbie to the tech sector, I am beyond excited to learn the ropes of PR, communicate stories, and expand my knowledge of startups, innovation, and investment. All under the guidance of FieldHouse’s talented team – what else could I ask for?