To tech or not to tech?


Contrary to my belief, you don’t have to be fluent in AI and code to get a job in tech.

Charlotte Streeter
Junior Account Executive

PR and communications was always at the forefront of my mind when thinking about what to do after university, as I love everything to do with media, writing, and networking.

However, it wasn’t until I took a deeper dive that I realised that there is PR for everything. I studied politics, so naturally thought that public affairs was my next calling. However, as I looked into it, I came to realise there might be limited scope for making a difference and – dare I say – a lack of opportunity for new ideas.

So, what now?

The tech landscape is a force to be reckoned with. Packed full of innovation, game-changing ideas, and constant disruption, it’s a sector that I admire and am fascinated by. However, to actually have a job in this space honestly seemed like a complete pipe dream to me – I can’t code, I’m terrible at maths, and I lean more towards the creative rather than logically minded.

When I first spoke to Nicky at FieldHouse, this was one of the first things I mentioned – “I can’t speak in code, but I’m so inspired by the innovation in tech and the real difference FieldHouse makes to the companies they work with.” As it turns out, the latter is ten times more important than the former.

In that meeting, Nicky spoke about a startup that’s making food packaging out of mushroom spores, about rockets, about startups tracking retail emissions in real time. I was hooked, not only by the ideas that FieldHouse was supporting, but by how amazing FieldHouse itself was.

Not to mention the world of venture capital that I was introduced to. What further struck me about FieldHouse was not only the fact that we work so closely with startups and scaleups, but also those that invest in these tech companies. FieldHouse is truly at the centre of this ecosystem, giving all-encompassing PR support to investors and those being invested in.

I quickly realised that tech is so much more than speaking in code. You can be creative and you can make a real impact to the businesses and people that are driving disruption across all wider sectors, as well as those that are funding them. Last week, a startup whose funding we had announced to the media was contacted by American TV networks for interviews. This week, I wrote a piece on how companies in the metaverse can secure venture capital investment. The opportunities are so varied, and you’re thrown right into the mix of it.

I’m now approaching month three at FieldHouse. To be part of a team that has such an obvious passion and drive for what they do is truly inspiring, and there’s yet to be a day when I’m not learning something new. Cordelia has created something special!