Six months later: around the world and home to FieldHouse


As a Canadian, even with a muddled accent (a somewhat exotic pronunciation tug-o-war between Canadian and British) sometimes it’s hard to explain that London is – and always will be – my true home. Nothing against the Great White North, but from the first time I set foot on English soil when I was 14, I knew I’d found where I belong.

Kelsey Ryan
Account Manager

I moved to London two years later following my mother’s secondment, a move that catapulted me into 13 years of adventure – and a career, to boot. I went to university in London, then decided to take a chance on a work placement in Beijing, starting me out on my Asia-Pacific adventure. Though I enjoyed my time abroad immensely, London was always a siren song calling me home.


When I made the decision to move back to London, I never thought it would be to return to a global pandemic, completely shut off from the city. However, there is always a silver lining, which turned out to be my move to FieldHouse.


It’s not easy to start a new job remotely, but I’ve found it’s the strength of community that ultimately dictates the success (or failure) of ‘the new starter normal’. Everyone at FieldHouse was extremely welcoming from the start, and it’s through these powerful connections (with colleagues and clients) that I’ve forged my place and feel part of the FHA family.


Be it in the office in all its neon-signed glory, or making our own neon signs at home – we are all in it together, helping each other through changes to how we work and having fun while we do it. Not all change is bad, and I count myself lucky to have found such a unique agency, in my favourite city, with now some of my favourite people and an inspiring client mix.


Now, nearly 6 months into my FHA journey, I can say that I’ve properly found my footing in ‘the FHA way’, and cannot wait to see what the future holds – at FHA, for our clients, for our (hopefully soon) parties, and for the amazing work we do!