Giving innovators a voice in the policy discussion


With the worlds of tech and politics so closely linked and a general election on the horizon, FieldHouse is ready to leverage more than a decade at the heart of the UK’s innovation ecosystem to inform policymakers as they make key decisions on technology – and to help our sector be heard.

FieldHouse Associates


The view from our network of founders, investors and influencers provides a true snapshot of the UK’s tech sector – and an opportunity to build policy to reflect its passion, diversity and technical brilliance. These innovators are building businesses from the ground up and offer a different perspective to the same small circle of industry leaders often relied upon to determine the UK’s policy towards technology.

Our expertise spans companies across the UK in sectors from AI to fintech, healthtech to edtech, spacetech to cleantech, deeptech to cybersecurity – plus the VC and angel investors who fund the world-changing companies of tomorrow.