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Virgin Atlantic partners with SkyCell to ensure the safe and secure shipment of valuable pharma products worldwide

The partnership will give customers confidence that their pharmaceutical shipments will arrive at destination safely, as the innovative hybrid containers – which have an average runtime of 202 hours – have a failure rate of less than 0.1%. This is compared to an industry standard failure rate of up to 12%, which cost the pharma […]

SkyCell transforms vaccine supply chain with launch of ultra-cold smart container

SkyCell’s solution maintains a steady temperature of minus 60° Celsius to minus 80° Celsius for more than 120 hours without recharging, enabling up to 1.75 million doses to be transported in a single aircraft – enough to vaccinate between 875,000 and 8.75 million people depending on the vaccine and concentration, and up to 10 times […]

From the storm clouds of COVID, we’re all re-establishing what growth looks like

As we come out from the storm clouds of COVID, we are re-establishing what growth now looks like for Trapeze HR. The desire, levels of passion, and how we operate haven’t changed, it’s simply that the shape of this growth looks a bit different to what we’d envisaged at the start of this year. With […]