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Virgin Atlantic partners with SkyCell to ensure the safe and secure shipment of valuable pharma products worldwide

The partnership will give customers confidence that their pharmaceutical shipments will arrive at destination safely, as the innovative hybrid containers – which have an average runtime of 202 hours – have a failure rate of less than 0.1%. This is compared to an industry standard failure rate of up to 12%, which cost the pharma […]

Oxford Endovascular Ltd raises $10m to develop an origami engineered medical device to prevent brain haemorrhage

The raise will enable the company to complete development work and gain first in-human data through an early feasibility clinical study. This will then set the scene for a further fundraise for larger FDA and CE Mark clinical trials paving the way for entry into various international markets valued at over $1billion. The China market […]

Becoming part of a team that walks the walk

Having worked across a range of agencies, you soon pick up the jargon that’s often used to describe a modern comms business: “we think differently…”, “we’re not like others…”, “we’re rule breakers…” – the list goes on.  But FieldHouse didn’t need to say those things: they showed them.  FieldHouse captured my interest as soon as […]

Six months later: around the world and home to FieldHouse

I moved to London two years later following my mother’s secondment, a move that catapulted me into 13 years of adventure – and a career, to boot. I went to university in London, then decided to take a chance on a work placement in Beijing, starting me out on my Asia-Pacific adventure. Though I enjoyed […]

From Russia with curiosity: starting out in startup PR

I got a strong sense of FieldHouse’s welcoming and collaborative culture from the very beginning of the recruitment process. Interviews are always daunting and stressful, but I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the meetings with Iain, Cordelia, Aidan, Anna, and Nicky. I left the interview process with not only a bunch of great […]

Election Security

It is safe to say – a few months on – that the security of the US election of 2020 was contentious, to say the least. The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has categorically denied interference in the 2020 election, which they called “the most secure in American history”.  The claim was backed […]

The fascinating language of cyber security

The cyber security industry is awash with buzzwords and technical terms. Many appear obvious: a breach is a compromise of security, malware is a portmanteau of malicious and software, a virus is software which ‘infects’ a computer system. However, many are considerably more opaque, with intriguing and unexpected origins.  Take the subtitle of this blog: […]

eDesk supercharges customer support with AI advancements, equipping online retailers for ongoing eCommerce boom

Global online sales grew 27.6% in 2020 to reach $4.28tn [1] and the number of transactions needing customer support increased from one-in-eight to one-in-six [2]. In response, eCommerce customer service specialist eDesk is supercharging support for its 23,000 agents with AI advancements, expediting the company product roadmap.    Following the continued rise in eCommerce and […]

$10m Series A fundraise for state-of-the-art battery company Nyobolt

Nyobolt, a cutting-edge battery company, defining a new category of ultra-high power technology, has secured $10 million in Series A funding, led by IQ Capital with participation from Cambridge Enterprise and Silicon Valley investors. The funding will enable Nyobolt to expand globally, building new facilities, and growing the engineering and operational teams, which work with […]

UK’s leading EIS fund manager offers new EIS product for guaranteed investment this tax year

MMC Ventures, the UK’s leading EIS fund manager, is among the first to offer investors the benefit of HMRC’s revised Approved fund EIS rules. Via the new knowledge intensive EIS fund, MMC investors will be able to invest in the high-growth technology companies MMC is known for without the two most common pain points of […]

tru.ID raises £3m to help developers replace passwords

Traditional methods of user authentication, such as email + password or SMS one-time-passwords, don’t work in today’s mobile-first world, offering poor user experience and creating security weaknesses. The industry has been trying to replace passwords for years, but has failed to find a universal solution. Now, the answer is here, combining the ubiquity of the […]

Grafton Capital appoints Tom Morrell as Chief Financial Officer

With over a decade’s experience in finance, the appointment strengthens Grafton Capital’s leadership team.  During his time at Brookfield, Tom was responsible for financial and operational oversight of its European private equity investments. Tom has significant experience of working with founder-led management teams and entrepreneurs, having previously worked in corporate finance roles at Akur Capital […]