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“I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.”

Posted on: 05/10/2023 by FHA Admin

Giving innovators a voice in the policy discussion

Posted on: 05/09/2023 by FHA Admin

Private equity is evolving

Posted on: 05/09/2023 by FHA Admin

Meet the Investors on the Road to Series A – a FieldHouse BaseCamp event

Posted on: 21/07/2023 by FHA Admin

How London Tech Week became “Learning Tech Week”

Posted on: 11/07/2023 by FHA Admin

Unleashing My Potential: Why FieldHouse Associates Was The Perfect Fit

Posted on: 12/06/2023 by FHA Admin

FieldHouse tries its hand at the “Beautiful Game”

Posted on: 07/06/2023 by FHA Admin

Why stumbling into PR after university was the best thing to ever happen to me

Posted on: 03/05/2023 by FHA Admin

Thank you, and Happy New Year!

Posted on: 03/01/2023 by FHA Admin

Happy 10th birthday to you all

Posted on: 24/11/2022 by FHA Admin

“We don’t use made up words here”

Posted on: 14/10/2022 by FHA Admin

Work experience diary: Olivia

Posted on: 27/09/2022 by FHA Admin