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“I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.”

Posted on: 05/10/2023 by FHA Admin

Thank you, and Happy New Year!

Posted on: 03/01/2023 by FHA Admin

“We don’t use made up words here”

Posted on: 14/10/2022 by FHA Admin

FieldHouse Associates appoints new Director amid raft of promotions

Posted on: 08/09/2022 by FHA Admin

A work experience diary: part one

Posted on: 10/08/2022 by FHA Admin

Learning to speak PR: an intern’s view

Posted on: 06/07/2022 by FHA Admin

From HR to PR: bedding in at FieldHouse Associates

Posted on: 18/11/2021 by FHA Admin

FieldHouse Spring Newsletter: Covid, entrepreneurship, and getting back to the office

Posted on: 12/05/2021 by FHA Admin

Yorkshire Asian Young Achievers Awards WINNER – ROMANA SHAH

Posted on: 24/11/2020 by FHA Admin

Investing in myself: opening my eyes to the startup world

Posted on: 30/09/2020 by FHA Admin

From classroom to keyboard: what studying cyber security has taught me

Posted on: 27/08/2020 by FHA Admin

How to talk about that down round

Posted on: 16/07/2020 by FHA Admin