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£7m injection into fast growth ‘fintech behind the fintechs’: Third Financial

Private equity firm Grafton Capital has invested £7 million into Third Financial, the fast growing, innovative investment platform and software provider. Grafton Capital’s investment takes it to majority ownership of the business, with £1.5m of fresh capital being injected onto the balance sheet. The deal follows previous investment rounds in 2015 (£2.5m), 2016 (£1.5m) and […]

Why PR became my career of choice despite growing up around journalism

Hello! My name is Finn and I am thrilled to be the latest member of the FieldHouse team. A little about me: I grew up in Paris and Washington, moving to the UK when I was eight. Having grown up (relatively sane) in a family of journalists, I am familiar with what it takes to create […]

New girl on the continent: From Down Under to London

I was forewarned that the process of finding a job here can be difficult and at times a little demoralising. A few friends had searched for months before finding something they were interested in. But when I entered FieldHouse, I was greeted kindly and warmly by Cordelia and Iain who asked great questions and seemed […]

Falling into communications has led me to the extraordinary

Having left Italy and returned to the UK, I knew I wanted to do something agency based. The chance to work with lots of companies, all doing different and exciting things in a fast-paced world. Life in a PR agency beckoned. I joined FieldHouse having previously been exposed to the world of technology PR and […]

The annual HQ hunt is over – we’ve got our new home for the foreseeable future

Every time we find a new home we are sure it will be ours for a few years to come as they seem huge with empty desks galore. And every time, almost as the clock ticks to one year, we’re on the move again, tired of sitting on top of each other and battling for […]

Like Anakin Skywalker and Kylo Ren, I’ve joined the dark side

If you asked me a few years, months or even weeks ago whether I foresaw this, the answer would have been no. Not at all. The reason for that is simply because I’ve worked on the other side of the fence in journalism for the past ten years. That said, I’ve been aware of FieldHouse […]